Loading Kits in Maschine without preset (default) patterns

When you load a kit into a group in Maschine, by default it will load with preset patterns. This can be both good and bad. If you are browsing the kits and want to get a feel for what they sound like, the presets can be a good start. However, if you have a pattern built already and you want to try it out with different sounds, or you know the kit you want and just want to get started composing fast, this can be an annoying feature.

If you’ve taken the time to read the 250 page reference manual for Maschine (you have done that right? right?) then you will already know the following, but if not here’s how to load a kit without any preset patterns.

If you look in the Maschine UI, right down at the bottom left under the sound browser, there’s a small checkbox:

If you uncheck this your kits will load without preset patterns. That’s it. Very simple.

[Applies to Maschine 1.7]

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