Stuck in an endless AdSense loop…

I’m not extremely active on Youtube, but I do post a video from time to time and some of them have accumulated at least a some views. I’ve been thinking about monetizing them using ads, so a while back I applied to join the Youtube partner program.

In order to complete the application I had to also create an AdSense account and link it to my Youtube account via a publisher ID. Said and done, about a day later I got an email from AdSense saying my account had been approved for Youtube monetization.

I went back to the Youtube video manager and sure enough a green dollar sign (woop!) now appeared next to my videos. A quick click through and ads were enabled for all the uploads.

I also noticed in the AdSense admin UI that I my account had the word ‘Hosted’ next to it in bold, red letters. Curios I decided to dig a bit deeper to understand the meaning. As it turns out, if you create an AdSense account via a Partner (Blogger, Youtube, …) your account is considered ‘Hosted’ and you are only allowed to monetize through the channel you used to sign up your account.

AdSense offers an upgrade path if you want to also monetize other channels, such as a blog or webpage. Since I run a few other sites I figured I’d try to upgrade and show some ads on them as well. This is when the trouble started.

Since hitting the upgrade button I have now gotten stuck in an endless loop of approvals and rejections between Youtube and Adsense, which seems to go something like this:

  1. I get an approval from Adsense to monetize via Youtube.
  2. I enable Ads in my Youtube channel.
  3. This triggers a rejection from Adsense which…
  4. triggers Youtube to disable monetization again.
  5. I try to login to AdSense which now says my account has been disabled, but there is no info or email from AdSense about the reason. All I can do is reapply for the AdSense account.
  6. Which I do.
  7. The loop repeats from step 1.

This is now happening on almost a daily basis, and since neither Youtube or AdSense offers any support to minor channels, I’m at a loss. Since AdSense wont tell me the reason for the ‘rejection’ I’m not sure what needs to be ‘fixed’ either.

If you have any experience with AdSense or any clue as to what’s going on please leave a comment and I will send positive vibes via the ether!

UPDATE (2014-08-17): The problem was resolved via some friendly folks at the AdSense forum. Still no clue as to what the root of the problem was…

2 thoughts on “Stuck in an endless AdSense loop…

  1. well i had a similar problem which mad me disparate actually…
    i got my adsense account connected to a blog and also a website
    my website was on approval period when i was using adsense for my blog
    when my website wasnt approved my adsense account got stuck in a loop similar to yours
    1- open my adsense account.. good… opens normally
    2- profits appear normally
    3- move to my ads tap… annnnnnd no more units
    i cant add ad units or anything it just shows a blank side bar with “admob”
    4- click on admob
    5- ask me to signup to adsense account
    6- try to sign up aaaaand again… my account is already linked to an adsense account
    go back to adsense and get stuck in a useless account with no possibility what so ever to create an ad
    “old ads are working thou”
    i’d really want to know how you solved your problem that may help me too


    • In the end I didn’t change anything on my own. I posted a question in the AdSense help forum, and after a week or so someone internally took a look at it and set my account straight. You could try posting there and see what happens.


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