It took me almost 5 years but I finally published my 2013 album ‘Cumulus’ on Spotify.

Check it out via the link below for some all-modular bliss :).

Cumulus by Halt! Run!

Powwow Tokyo no.8 Video available now

The video from the Powwow Tokyo live streaming event last week is now up on YouTube. Check it out on the link below and be sure to check out the other performances as well!

Powwow Tokyo no 8 – Video on YT

This was the first Halt! Run! live, and the first live patch on my new modular (remember, I sold cumulus machine wile living in Sweden), so naturally it was full of interesting ‘learnings’ :).

I’ll summarise and share in a later post.

Live in April


I will perform a live session with the modular synth in Tokyo under the new alias Halt! Run! in April.

Details will be shared as we get closer, but all will be recorded and shared afterwards.

Onwards and Upwards!